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NaviMoon is SpacePNT advanced autonomous GNSS receiver solution delivering <100 m accuracy at Moon distance and cutting the dependence on costly Earth infrastructure for Orbit Determination.

Unique Features

Highest autonomous positioning and timing precision

  • Super high-sensitivity acquisition and tracking algorithms allow receiving GNSS signals, even at Moon distance.
  • Advanced navigation algorithms integrated with precise orbital forces model can provide <100 m (3D rms) in cis-lunar space, fully autonomously.

Low cost and compact design

  • Based on a COTS-based “New Space” approach.
  • Implementing a radiation tolerant HW/SW/FW architecture.
  • Compact design (low size, weight, and power).

Upgradable and scalable

  • Supports both passive and active antennas.
  • In-flight FW/SW upgradability.
  • Unique platform solution for launchers, LEO, GEO, HEO, and Moon missions!

Highly reliable architecture

  • Onboard orbital propagator for improved performance and availability.
  • Supports multiple GNSS (GPS, GALILEO) over multiple frequencies
  • Supports cold redundancy (with 2 units).
  • Designed to support long missions duration.